Friday, 4 July 2014

Moving houses

We have moved from second year uni house to third year uni house this week. It has been a bit hectic, there's still things that need sorting and I'm trying to find more space in my smaller than I'm used to room for all my clothes and books and DVDs and other stuff.

But so far so good. Not a great location apart from the cinema being less than a 5 minute walk away but it's not too bad. Once my room is completely sorted I may make a room decorating post. I've made bunting and might make a few other things to make my room look pretty so once everything is unpacked and tidy I'll sort a room post.
This blog post seems so useless after reading it back. I guess I'm just stopping by to say sorry and I am still around. We just got internet back, and I will be posting more soon. :)

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